Core Team

the main ingredient of great work is the rest of the team

  • Baljeet
    The Mastermind

    Baljeet provides the focus that keeps everyone on course. His unique combination of strategic insight and attention to detail has resulted in innovative designs that have produced remarkable results for clients with exceptional cost-effectiveness. Baljeet brings a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience to any client relationship. He is active in social causes and runs a non-profit organization, which works towards supporting underprivileged kids. He loves dogs and dreams of opening a dog house someday.

  • Ramandeep
    Head Troublemaker

    Raman brings along with her outstanding communication skills to ensure project continuity and timely completion.With an exceptional dedication towards work and a positive attitude, she ensures projects run on time, on budget and the end result exceeds client expectations. Always cheerful and very talkative, but that’s what marketing people should be like.

  • Abhinav Jain
    Digital Dynamo

    As the head of Digital Operations, Abhinav ensures constant innovation & experiment with new “Digital Marketing Solutions” for small and established brands alike. He has gathered years of experience in the digital world, all the way from influencer marketing & social media account management to writing website content & blogs for multiple brands. To put it in short, he’s your Digital Marketing Wizard!

  • Pankaj
    Digital Overlord

    As a designer and everyone’s good friend, Pankaj takes the responsibility to provide high-level creative designs and concept development. He keeps everyone fired up and on target. Pankaj’s innate sense of creativity and strong design instincts, combined with his genuine love for colors, has resulted in the agency’s strong record of creating fresh, captivating and on-target creatives for a wide variety of clients.

  • Monika
    VP of Tubelights

    Monika brings along a decade of experience in designing. She gets along well with our philosophy of simplicity and believes in solving design problems with simple yet elegant graphic solutions. Although, she is so soft spoken but then she plays well with loud colors. She remains calm in every situation and has been practicing Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism for over 9 years.

  • Garima
    Idea Staller

    She adds vibrance to the office and is always cheerful. From morning till evening, she talks about ideas. She understands social media very well and is an expert in managing online reputation of the brands. She's a good listener and likes to talk about brands all the time. Her ideas are fresh and sometimes not so fresh but that's how dreamers and creative people are.

  • Tej
    Mischief Champion

    We call him the Digital Prophet and the fast mover. He wants to complete everything quickly. He doesn’t want to be left behind on anything. A perfectionist in creataing your digital image and feels proud when he reviews his own work. When deadlines are calling he can work through the night and believes in getting the job done. His idea of a great day is having a great hairstyle and he the one creating mischief every single day.

  • Sachin
    Master of Disaster

    As a production handler, Sachin acts in the critical process of putting the soul of designs in the body of final products. He works closely with clients to develop an understanding of their requirement and formulates the strategy for final print production. Never seen without sunglasses and it was an exercise in itself to get the above picture arranged from him.

  • Amit
    The Bean Counter

    He has a wide variety of skills and characteristics. He makes sure that not even a single penny goes unaccounted. He has topnotch accuracy in his work and has excellent organisational skills. He knows the right from the wrong and has a passion for keeping himself updated. He’s the only one who doesnt’ love the month ends as he gets overburdened with work but then again he maintains an eversmiling face.

  • Dilip
    Tea EO

    Everyones favourite as he keeps the supplies of Tea and Coffee uninterrupted despite any natural disaster that may come and hit. He is fond of watching TV the whole day and he can laugh on his own. Makes sure that his cupboard is always full of biscuits and chips so that we are never short of calories.

  • Gazal
    The G of StudioG

    The inspiration behind Studio G. She was a little girl when this all started. Her creative instincts started showing when she was just 3 and thats when the whole idea of Studio G was conceived. She's a grown up girl now but still keeps inspiring all of us.