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Branding plays a key role when you need to create a differentiator from your competitors. We are experts in communicating what your business is all about in a way that would connect with your target audience. We believe it's not enough to know who your audiences are, what they like, it is more important to know what they wish for. We identify the role your brand plays in their lives.


Packaging is what brings a brand to life. A good packaging replays the brand message 24 hours a day in people's homes. A pack is not just a container. It's a medium. Only a good quality execution of the package will create the essential confidence in the mind of the consumer. We are experts in packaging designs across various industries to give a shelf standout to your brands.

Social Media

Social media is all about engagement. There is a strong shift in the way people consume media, tilting most to mobile. It's not just enough to post something on the social media, it is important to post meaningful content. We create engaging content that creates an amazing online image of your brand.

Logo Designing

A logo works like an international symbol; unique distinctive and presentable. A logo is associated with certain values, features and it tries to build a relationship with the brand. Logo creation is one of the most important stages in building brand awareness. We create most distinctive logos which go well with all applications and have a strong recall attached to it.


A Good advertisement creates an immediate brand impression on your potential customers. Advertisements have a prominent place in a comprehensive marketing communications program.Our advertisement plan begins with research then create concepts that create instant credibility and influence the target audience to purchase.

Brochure Designing

Our creative brochure designing team understands your objectives and carries out research before creating a corporate brochure. A brochure is an important feature in marketing and advertising as it promotes the sales and provides an overall outlook on the products and services that the company has to offer. Studio G has been a front runner in this vertical and creates compelling brochure designs.

Business Stationery

A humble looking Business Card represents the whole organisation. It is something that goes into the hands of your prospect before anything else. A professional looking stationery, which includes letterheads and envelopes creates a lasting impact in the minds of your customers. This is one aspect that cannot be ignored when we are there to create compelling business stationery.


A good presentation of your products is the key to getting new business flowing into your company. We at Studio G understand your market and create stunning presentations that create a lasting impact on your customers' minds and they get compelled to buy your products. We research, collect information and then create focused presentations to create an impact with the minimum possible words.

Comprehensive Brand Management

We have developed a special year long program which takes care of SME's for their Branding requirements throughout the year. Our branding and marketing experts take care of everything from designing to social media management with no day to day involvement of the client. Once we have a detailed brief we take care of your branding and communication so that you can focus on your business.

Exhibition Branding

An exhibition stall needs to have the power to pull the visitors. The branding of the stall plays a key role. We have a skilled team for stall branding that utilises the space in the best possible way to communicate what your brand is all about. From posters to displays we create a mesmerising effect in your space to create a lasting impression of your brand.

Brand Name Creation

Naming is to branding as location is to real estate. A name is one of the most important tools to grab the target segments attention, deliver an idea or make a promise. We create powerful brand names which speak for your brand. Brand Name is one critical aspect which cannot be ignored.

Website Designing

A company's website is one of the most effective way to make an impression. With our designing skills we turn your website into an amazing visually impressive marketing tool that represents your business image and identity. We create amazing websites that are functional enough to take care of all your needs.

Photo Shoots/Video Production

Pictures stay longer in a human mind than any length of text. We have a team of expert photographers who create stunning pictures and videos. We can undertake photoshoots in both indoor as well as outdoors to create magic in your marketing collaterals.

Startup Package

We have developed a special package for startups to get their business up and running. This includes basic items like logo, business stationery, a brochure and a website. This is time bound with a fixed cost, fixed number of options and a fixed cost. We call it a bundle of joy for your brand.

Humor Marketing

A touch of humour can add the much needed splash of personality and character to your brand. People respond well to humour it humanizes your brand and creates a connection. Humour catches the attention of the viewer who is more likely to remember it amongst the abundance of other communications they get that day. Our team knows which humor nerve of the prospect to hit in your industry.